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  • Wisconsin teenager found safe after kidnapping | Catholic Newsbreak 1/15/19

    -Pope Francis celebrated Mass and baptized 27 babies in the Sistine Chapel on the feast of the Baptism of the Lord. -13-year-old Jayme Closs of St. Peter Catholic Church in Cameron, Wisconsin was found alive after being kidnapped and held hostage. -Pope Francis discussed the sexual abuse crisis in Chile for 3 hours with Chilean bishops at the Vatican. -Pro-lifers call the Reproductive Health Act, recently introduced in the New York State Legislature, a great blow to the pro-life cause.

  • Serving the Needy in Roslindale | This is the Day

    Jay Fadden and Bishop Reed chat with Jen Reis, Director of the Casserly House in Roslindale, MA. The Casserly House provides education and support for the under-served in Roslindale, including immigrants who want to learn English and those who need help preparing to become U.S. citizens. To learn more about the Casserly House and it offers, visit CatholicTV website: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

  • Catholic Mass: 1/15/19 | The First Tuesday in Ordinary Time

    Catholic Mass celebrated by Father Paul Ring of St. Ann and St. John the Evangelist parishes in Bridgewater, MA, on January 15, 2019, the First Tuesday in Ordinary Time. Readings: -HEB 2:5-12 -MK 1:21-28 The CatholicTV Mass airs weekdays on CatholicTV at 9:30am, 7pm, & 11:30pm ET, and Sundays at 7pm & 11:30pm ET. Watch live at CatholicTV website: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter:

  • Decluttering and the Spiritual Life | The Gist

    Mary Elizabeth Sperry, author of "Making Room for God: Decluttering and the Spiritual Life," talks about how assessing the role of possessions in our lives and tidying up our homes can have a large impact on our spiritual life. Learn more about Mary's book here: Watch the full episode: Like the Gist Facebook: Follow the Gist on Instagram:

  • Lord, Make Us Clean Again | Homily: Father Paul Ring

    Father Paul Ring preaches about seeking Jesus and asking Him to expel the demons in our lives that keep us from loving Him. January 15, 2019 | First Tuesday in Ordinary Time CatholicTV website: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: