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  • Collection of essays chronicles search for order through two decades

    "The Fragility of Order: Catholic Reflections on Turbulent Times" by George Weigel. Ignatius Press (San Francisco, 2018). 223 pp., $24.95. Since Michael Novak's death in early 2017, the undisputed title of most influential Catholic neoconservative has belonged to George Weigel. Along with Novak and the late Father Richard John Neuhaus, Weigel has been at the center of a style of spiritual-political engagement that found its apogee in the papacy of St. John Paul II and the presidency of George W. Bush.

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  • Novel's plot devices as old as fiction itself

    "Anyone but Him" by Theresa Linden. Silver Fire Publishing (Elyria, Ohio, 2018). 295 pp., $13.95. The novel "Anyone but Him" is labeled on its cover "a new adult mystery romance". While it is admittedly new, its plot devices are as old as fiction itself. The story concerns a young woman, Caitlyn Summer, who awakes one morning not knowing who she is or where she is or who is the man sharing her bed.

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  • Book offers perspective on former nuncio's claims, author says

    VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- The decision to appoint Archbishop Theodore E. McCarrick to lead the Archdiocese of Washington and eventually to make him a cardinal went forward at the insistence of St. John Paul II's inner circle despite reservations stemming from reports of misconduct, a new book claimed.

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