Catholic Holy Family Society

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Who we are

Catholic Holy Family Society (CHFS) is a fraternal life insurance company that has been in business since 1884 (139 years)! We are a non-profit organization owned by its members, committed to assisting individuals and families in achieving financial security through our quality life insurance and annuity products. We also provide financial assistance to communities in need, through our fraternal programs.

We consistently uphold ethical, moral, and legal values and we perform our duties with integrity, honesty, and respect. And we are committed to gaining your confidence when choosing CHFS products for your future financial needs.

About our product

Our annuities are a retirement vehicle and can be used as an alternative to CD's, money markets or Savings Accounts, Pension Rollovers and IRA's. The issue ages are 0-90.

Our current rate for the Five-Year Annuity is 4.25 percent. The current rate for the Three-Year Annuity is 4.00 percent. Our Single Premium Annuity is 4.50 percent for the first year and the Flexible Premium Annuity is 5.00 percent for the first year. There are NO administrative fees and NO service charges!

Our staff

Our office is located in Belleville, Illinois. You will not get an automated system when you contact our office because we believe that our members deserve quality service and we pride ourselves in developing client relationships that in some cases last beyond a lifetime, including second and third generations! Many grandparents start their grandchildren out with a Juvenile Term Life Insurance product shortly after birth.


When you purchase one of our products, you become a member of the Society and in return you are eligible for our Fraternal Benefits! Because we are a non-profit, we donate a portion of our proceeds back into the communities that we serve, so you can feel good knowing that by becoming a member of CHFS, you are also helping your community in numerous ways! The following is a list of our fraternal benefits:

50-Year Pin -- Members who have attained 50 years in membership are awarded with a lapel pin.

Catholic High School Scholarship -- CHFS currently awards (20) $2000 Catholic High School Scholarships each year to our members.

Helping Hands Church Grant -- CHFS members are encouraged to submit their parish for one of our three $3000 Church Grants awarded each year.

Fraternalist -- Members may choose to receive the official publication of CHFS and are able to view the yearly financials and happenings of the Society throughout the year.

Emergency Medical Benefit -- Members of CHFS are eligible to receive an emergency medical alert bracelet at no cost.

ScriptSave Prescription Benefit -- CHFS recognizes the fact that there are a number of individuals who have no prescription discount card. Therefore, ScriptSave is available at no cost to all CHFS members to defray the cost of prescription and over-the-counter drugs.

Orphan Benefit -- This benefit provides a monthly financial allowance for orphaned children of CHFS members. The allowance, as determined by the Catholic Holy Family Society Board of Directors, is payable to the eligible orphaned child through age 18. (Either the child or the deceased parent(s) must be a member of the Society).

Newborn Benefit -- This benefit provides a $2000 death benefit to the insured parent(s) if their newborn child dies within 60 days of their birth.

Habitat for Humanity -- Every year, CHFS helps sponsor a project involving HFH International, including raising funds and/or recruiting volunteers for a weekend home build.

In closing, our mission is to provide families with financial security and to promote goodwill throughout the community in the following ways:

-- Promoting belief and trust in God

-- Giving members courteous, caring, and prompt service

-- Serving the Catholic community through a variety of fraternal programs that encourage member participation

-- Providing security for members and their families with financially sound insurance products.