Meet our priests: Father Chris Palladino

Parish/assignment: Parochial Vicar -- St. Paul Parish, Hingham

Place of birth: Norwood

How many brothers and sisters do you have? None

High school: Catholic Memorial - West Roxbury - Class of 1984

College/university/ seminary

Undergraduate -- NE College of Finance (Boston) -- Associate Degree

Graduate 1 -- Emmanuel College (Boston) -- Bachelor Degree

Graduate 2 -- St. John Seminary College -- B. Philosophy

Seminary (Theology) -- St. John Seminary School of Theology --

M. Div.

Date of ordination: May 2006

What assignments have you had since ordination?

Still at first assignment

What have been some of the greatest joys for you as a priest?

Experiencing the faith of so many people from all walks of life and their love of the Eucharist and sacraments.

Who influenced your vocation most to consider the priesthood?

My parents, friends, and the parish priests of my home parish of St. Theresa Parish, West Roxbury all were influential in my considering the priesthood.

What events or practices in your life helped you to discover and discern your call to the priesthood?

Daily Mass, routine Confession, and being an active member of my parish.

What is one of your favorite scripture passages and why?

The Prologue of the Gospel of John... it just spells it all out for me.

What are some of your hobbies?

Travelling and yard work/gardening in the summer.

What advice would you give to a young man who is considering the priesthood?

Talk to a priest or two about it and consider getting a spiritual director.

What are some of your favorite books/ spiritual reading/ magazines?

I tend to read multiple books at the same time with random themes which is similar to changing the channels on TV, so I can’t say I have a favorite series or author; however, I am partial to the pope’s book “Jesus of Nazareth” as both a reference tool and a spiritual aid. I read daily and find indispensable the Magnificat and In Conversation with God by Francis Fernandez. Other excellent publications which I read are L’Osservatore Romano (English), the National Catholic Register, and the Wall Street Journal (that would be the businessman still living within me!).

Through the cardinal, God is calling each of us personally to help rebuild his Church. How must the priest respond to this mandate today?

By living the example of the Good Shepherd and tending his sheep in a life-giving way focused on the unity of the Eucharist.

When Cardinal Seán came to Boston, he wrote a pastoral letter entitled: “Vocations: Everybody’s Business.” What are some ways that we can help all individuals and families understand their role in promoting and supporting vocations?

When families pray together and attend Mass on Sundays together it is both promoting and supporting vocations.

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