Living the Faith: Bob and Audrey Oliver

FRAMINGHAM – Those who know Bob and Audrey Oliver, parishioners at St. Tarcisius Church, know that their lives revolve around their parish. Whether it is coordinating the marriage amendment petitions, participating in the parish’s senior group “The Golden Rays,” preparing liturgies for the Neocatechumenal Way or praying at the charismatic prayer group, the Olivers are always there.

“I really feel like I am at home at St. Tarcisius,” said Bob Oliver.

Both Bob and Audrey have been lifetime parishioners at St. Tarcisius. Both were baptized there and as young children, both attended Mass with their families there. However, as children, they did not know each other. It was only after adulthood, when Audrey was caring for her ailing mother and Bob was seeking an annulment from his first marriage that the two met and fell in love.

Bob, a retired engineer, sees this as a second chance at love.

“What was missing from my first marriage was faith in God,” Bob mused. “With Audrey and I, our love for each other grows daily from the faith that we share.”

“Way back when I was an engineer, I thought I could do everything, but there was an emptiness within me. Now, we put Christ in our lives, and everything has a new meaning, a deeper meaning,” he continued.

“Our faith means everything to us,” Audrey Oliver echoed. “It’s first in our lives. Our whole life revolves around it.”

According to Audrey, their faith has been tested in recent years due to a series of health problems that Bob has undergone. Most recently, Bob was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

“We have certainly faced some health trials these past three years,” Audrey stated, “but this is something we have been able to handle this with faith that we have.”

The Olivers praised their pastor, Father Joseph Pranzo, CS, both for his dedication to the parish and for his ability to make everyone feel welcome.

“He makes this place a family, truly a family,” Bob said. “We have a very strong support group.”

“Father Joe is not only our spiritual leader, he’s not only our pastor, but he’s our brother in Christ and he’s our friend,” Audrey said.

“We’re very lucky to have him,” Bob added.

According to Bob, Father Pranzo is “very humble and also he’s very welcoming,” noting that he embodies the parish’s motto, “All are welcome in this place.”

“I don’t think anyone who comes to St. Tarcisius has ever felt unwelcome,” Bob said. “This is a wonderful place to be.”