’Magic of Matignon’

The second annual “Magic of Matignon” registration event was held at Matignon High School in Cambridge on Jan. 12. Hundreds of area eighth graders and their families came through the doors of Matignon to register for next school year and to enjoy a festive evening of music, dance performances and a pasta dinner. Mirroring the trend at many Catholic schools in the Boston area, as well as across the U.S., Matignon had experienced a decline in enrollment in recent years. But in the past two years there has been a marked increase in the number of students at Matignon as area families seek quality Catholic high school education for their children. “Every time I open the newspaper it seems like I’m reading about another Catholic school closing and it breaks my heart. So it’s just really wonderful to have my child be part of a Catholic school that is energized and growing,” said Olivia Harding-Tillman, mother of freshman Nicholas.

Extensive physical renovations and technological classroom enhancements completed in August 2007, have helped fuel renewed interest in the school founded by Cardinal Richard Cushing and named for French immigrant Father Francis Anthony Matignon in 1947. Speaking to families in the packed gymnasium, Headmaster Tom Galligani said, “The high school years are an exciting time in the lives of young people. We’re proud to be a school that is devoted to helping them develop not only their intellect, but a strong moral character, as well.”