Unifying love flares as Sisters of St. Joseph celebrate 150 years in Boston

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Did you know that this year marks the 150th anniversary of presence and service of the Sisters of St. Joseph among the people of Boston? We are grateful to The Pilot for offering to dedicate this supplement to our 150 years in the Boston area. First, we want to thank you, the people of Boston, for the many ways you have journeyed with us and supported us.

Unifying love flares . . .! What does this mean? More importantly, what does it mean for you? More than a year ago, we began considering how the Sisters of St. Joseph of Boston could celebrate 150 years of presence and service among the "dear neighbor."

A small group came together, and after several weeks of reflecting, imagining, and designing, we selected the theme and logo you see on the cover of this supplement. We asked: why are we celebrating, how might we celebrate, for whom are we celebrating, and what message do we want to share with the people of Boston and beyond?

Our growth and mission is about so much more than dates or buildings. It is about responding with courage in impossible situations; of prophetic witness in challenging times; of standing with the marginalized in the struggle for justice; and of a contemplative spirit, which gave birth to a new form of religious life that continues to evolve as the future unfolds.

Therefore, our 150 years in Boston is a celebration of and for all of us: sisters, associates, agregees, and partners in mission. We celebrate founders whose original impulse of unifying love brings us to this day as well as those who continue this impulse as it flares among and beyond us.

The pages of this supplement offer a glimpse into some of our current ministries. We invite you to reflect on the timeline included in these pages. We hope that what follows offers a response to the questions above, raises awareness of our mission as it continues into the future, and calls forth additional questions as all of us welcome the future to which our God calls us.

Visit our website at www.csjboston.org to stay up-to-date about us and view a reflective video about the 370+ years of the Sisters of St. Joseph in Boston and worldwide.