Clergy Trust

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When a priest is ordained, it is a truly beautiful moment. An ordinary man, through self-sacrifice and sacred rites, becomes something more. He is now a living vessel of Christ's love, mercy, and compassion. Yet, while we recognize the supernatural aspect of the priesthood, it's important to remember that priests are still ordinary men who face health challenges and personal struggle -- men who need to be cared for physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Clergy Trust is dedicated to ensuring our priests receive the support and care they need to carry out their mission; to continue their supernatural vocation that transforms lives and allows us to practice and deepen our faith through the sacraments.

Clergy Trust was established in 2010 with an independent Board of Trustees composed of local business leaders and members of the clergy who oversee all aspects of the Trust and ensure all funds are used for the health and well-being of all active and senior diocesan priests in good standing serving the Archdiocese of Boston. There are three primary ways that Clergy Trust ensures our priests receive the support they need from ordination through their senior priesthood:

First is the Dedicated Care Team, a team of healthcare professionals who are available anytime for healthcare, wellness guidance, and support to active and senior priests. Father Tom Domurat, pastor of Most Holy Redeemer Parish in East Boston, credits the Dedicated Care Team for saving his life after he called for guidance when he was feeling ill. Had the nurse not encouraged him to go straight to the emergency room, Father Tom might not be with us today.

Second is the Intentional Living Program, which provides programs, seminars, and communications to help priests maintain a healthy lifestyle and receive helpful information for their own lives. A recent seminar focused on caring for aging family members. Another stark reminder that priests are indeed ordinary men who face the same obstacles, hurdles, and issues as the laity they serve.

And last, but certainly not least, is Regina Cleri, a state-of-the-art facility in the West End of Boston, where senior priests can live out their days in community with their brother priests and continue their vocation. Father John Mulloy moved into Regina Cleri last March and says, "This community has given me more joy and provided me with more peace of mind than I could have ever imagined. There are more than 50 other senior priests that live at Regina Cleri, a home where we experience exceptional nursing care, daily Mass, a very caring staff, and three healthy meals a day. Perhaps best of all, we can live out our days in a fraternal community with our brother priests who possess a shared history of ministering to God's people."

Clergy Trust depends on the generosity of donors to continue carrying out their mission and providing these important and necessary programs to keep our priests healthy and supported throughout their lives as priests. Making a gift to Clergy Trust is one way to show your appreciation for the priests who have made a difference in your life. As you plan your finances and prepare legacy gifts for current and future use, please consider a gift to Clergy Trust that will help care for our priests; the ordinary men that are called to be extraordinary servants of Christ in our world each day.