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Abortion over the counter

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In an irresponsible move, the Food and Drug Administration is planning to make the so-called morning after pill available over the counter to women 18 and older. The morning after pill — sold under the brand name Plan B — is a potent dose of the hormones contained in birth control pills. The medication can prevent conception but it can also act as an abortifacient if conception has already taken place by preventing a fertilized egg from implanting in the uterus.

Initially touted as “emergency contraception” especially useful in cases of rape, the current proposal would place this abortion tool in the hands of every teenage girl. Does anyone doubt that the “18 and older” restriction will be unenforceable? How many teens have you seen with a cigarette in their hand despite stringent tobacco age limits?

Making this medication available over the counter will not really solve any problem. It will simply put it in the hands of minors and further support the notion among young people that sex is a recreational activity with no consequences that can’t be “fixed” later with a pill.


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