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Boston Globe cuts ties with 'Crux'

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Boston, Mass., Mar 11, 2016 CNA.- The Boston Globe has said it will no longer be running its Catholic news site Crux as of April 1. Vatican analyst and associate Crux editor John L. Allen Jr. says he hopes to continue the site with other partners.

The announcement comes after less than two years of operation for the Catholic site. The Boston Globe cited financial reasons for the decision. It said that Allen is “exploring the possibility of continuing it in some modified form, absent any contribution from the Globe.”

Allen, a longtime Vatican reporter who is widely respected in his field, told CNA that he and Crux Vatican correspondent Ines San Martin will continue the site.

“What’s happening is that the Boston Globe will no longer be sponsoring Crux, but that doesn't mean Crux is closing,” he said March 11. “I and Ines San Martin are committed to keeping it going, and we are actively pursuing potential partners, sponsors and donors to make that possible. So the story here is not that Crux is ending, but that it’s transitioning.”

In a letter to newsroom staff, Globe editor Brian McGrory and managing editor and vice president for digital David Skok discussed the end of the Globe’s connection with Crux. Professor and former media critic Dan Kennedy posted the full text of the letter on his website.

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