NEW YORK (CNS) -- Will viewers be charmed by "Encanto" (Disney)? For the most part, the answer is probably yes, though this vivacious animated musical does include content that could be of concern for the parents of impressionable kids.

The setting, from which the film takes its title, is an enchanted enclave in Colombia. Long ago, this realm became home to Alma (voice of María Cecilia Botero), a then-young refugee mother who had recently been widowed when her courageous husband fell afoul of a band of soldiers.

Now, Abuela Alma presides as the matriarch of both her community and her family, the Madrigals, each member of which has traditionally received a supernatural talent on reaching the age of 5. All, that is, except Alma's 15-year-old granddaughter Mirabel (voice of Stephanie Beatriz) who, a decade back, awaited her gift in vain.

As Mirabel, strong-willed Alma and Mirabel's protective parents, Julieta (voice of Angie Cepeda) and Agustín (voice of Wilmer Valderrama), continue to wrestle with this misfortune, they find themselves threatened with a far worse one. A dark vision of the whole clan's doom granted years before to Mirabel's Uncle Bruno (voice of John Leguizamo) seems on the verge of fulfillment.