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The Eucharist is a gift...

Posted: 10/7/2005

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A synod of bishops have gathered in Rome to reflect on the central element of our Christian life: The Eucharist.

In the opening session of the Synod of the Eucharist, Venice Cardinal Angelo Scola stressed that the Eucharist is a gift from God, not a possession or a right.

"The problem of the scarcity of priests must be faced with courage in the framework of the Eucharist as a gift," he said.

Those comments were made in the context of criticism of the Church’s rule of priestly celibacy. Lifting the rule of celibacy, some say, would increase the number of candidates to the priesthood, ensuring sufficient priests to meet the sacramental needs of Catholics.

The idea that the Eucharist is a right of the faithful resonates within our consumer culture. How can a business stay afloat if it cannot supply its customers?

But as Cardinal Scola also said, “the Church is not a ‘business’ to be equipped with a designated quota of team managers.”

Priests, like the Eucharist, are a gift from God and, if more are needed, people should pray, he said.