"Without your generous support, St. Patrick's literally would not exist," he told the Bus Tour participants, adding that "it goes much further than just the school, because St. Patrick's is a vibrant part of the community that surrounds the school. So, in a sense, we can say that the revitalization of this area of town is also thanks in part to your support."

During lunch, John and Tchintcia Barros, parents of two young students at St. Patrick's, also spoke of the importance of a Catholic education. Both parents are products of Catholic education -- John Barros graduated from St. Patrick School -- and they spoke of their desire to give this same opportunity to their children.

"The values that were instilled in us were the values that we want to instill in our children," Tchintcia Barros said.

"The love in this school is real," added John Barros. "This place is special."

"And this school is special because of you and your generosity," he told the guests.

He noted that "the community benefits from the love experienced here," and cited several local business owners and community activists who are graduates of St. Patrick School.

Before leaving St. Patrick School, Thomas Mannix noted that "the special sauce here in this school is love."

"What we have seen here is electric, and I am so thankful to Peter (Lynch) for having gotten me involved in this. As we walk around these halls, we know, we see, we can touch, the difference that we have made. There's nothing better than that," Mannix said.