With the shrine's schedule, one of the goals is to cater to employees of the ever-growing number of businesses in the area.

"There's such a need for folks in the work world to be able to come and find a little peace and solace with the Lord," said Father Flavin, who is also episcopal vicar of the Central Region and pastor of the three parishes of the South Boston Catholic Collaborative -- St. Monica-St. Augustine, St. Peter (Lithuanian), and St. Vincent de Paul.

"So, we're saying it's open to anyone who wants to come in and find some peace and quiet and be alone with God."

Located at "the gateway to the Seaport," just over the Moakley Bridge on the corner of Seaport Blvd. and Sleeper Street, Father Flavin noted that the shrine's location is a "great benefit."

Now, when "you come into the Seaport, the first thing you see is the shrine," he said.

An estimated 100,000 pedestrians will pass by the shrine each day, he said, noting that "It really is an exciting opportunity for evangelization."

The shrine will also be able to hold weddings, 27 of which have already been scheduled as well as baptisms, funerals, and other sacraments, said Father Flavin.

"Now that the cardinal has made this a shrine, he's designated that we can do all the sacraments there," he said.

The cardinal, as Archbishop of Boston, is, in a way, like the pastor of the shrine, said Father Flavin, and his role as rector is to serve as the cardinal's "direct representative."

This allows for "a lot more liturgical and sacramental work to take place than could happen in a chapel," he said.

The current Our Lady of Good Voyage Chapel on Northern Ave. will hold its final Mass on Easter Sunday, April 16.