It is noted particularly for the three paintings by Caravaggio that hang there, all of which deal with the life of St. Matthew, including the "The Calling of St. Matthew," which so inspired Pope Francis. In it we see Christ pointing at St. Matthew as he sits at the tax collector's table clutching his money, calling Matthew to get up and follow him. Matthew, as a tax collector for the Romans, would have been considered the very worst kind of person, a traitor to his own people. As we know, St. Matthew listened to the call, left the table and became an Apostle.

The Holy Father has said he would often contemplate this image of one who is a sinner but who is looked at with mercy by Christ, and it led him to pick as his episcopal motto, and then papal motto, "Miserando atque Eligendo," (Having mercy and choosing him).

Meeting with Superiors of Men Religious

Wednesday (3/29), I was back in Boston and we had one of our regular gatherings with the Major Superiors of Men Religious in the archdiocese. It's always a wonderful opportunity to be able to be together with them, hear about some of the recent activities of the different orders, and share ideas and common concerns.

...We are so grateful to Sister Marian Batho for organizing these gatherings and for all that she does in her important work as our Delegate for Religious.

Meeting with recently ordained

Thursday (3/30), I also gathered with our recently ordained priests at the Pastoral Center. We began with lunch followed by a time of discussion and we also heard an address by Father Hehir on the topic of immigration. As we always do, we concluded our gathering with a Holy Hour in Bethany Chapel.