On March 14, representatives from the three ministries of the Sisters of St. Joseph -- Casserly House, The Women's Table, and The Literacy Connection -- will participate in a moderated forum at the college from 1 to 2 p.m. Representatives from sponsored-ministries Bethany Place and Bahkita House were also invited.

"Our point in celebrating National Sisters Week is to really bring it home, to locally celebrate the work that's being done by our own sisters in Boston," Mary Lou Jackson, special assistant to the president for Mission Effectiveness at Regis College, told The Pilot Feb. 28.

"We take every opportunity we can to celebrate our sisters, to have meaningful programs for our students so that they can learn more about the value of the sister and then engage in work that's important meaningful work that will transform the society in which we live, which our sisters have been doing for many, many years now."

The CatholicTV Network will be involved with NCSW, as well, as it will be airing vocation stories.

Sister Marian Batho, delegate for religious for the Archdiocese of Boston, told The Pilot Feb. 27 that "Locally, the sisters are involved in so many important aspects of things that Pope Francis talks about," including "Refugee and immigration work, evangelization, food pantries, shelters, education."

"This is what sisters do, and I think that's what National Catholic Sisters Week is about -- to highlight the work of the sisters day in and day out and how important that work is to the mission of the Church."