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Catechists, teachers gather for Jubilee Year Pilgrimage

  • Catechists from Sacred Heart Parish in Roslindale join hands in prayer. Pilot photo/Gregory L. Tracy
  • Superintendent of Catholic Schools Kathy Mears offers words of thanks to catechists and Catholic school teachers at the conclusion of the Mass. Pilot photo/Gregory L. Tracy
  • Cardinal O’Malley leads the assembly in procession to the cathedral’s Holy Door of Mercy. Pilot photo/Gregory L. Tracy

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SOUTH END -- Teachers of the faith from across the Archdiocese of Boston came together at the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston Sept. 18 to attend a special Mass honoring the work that they do.

Celebrated by Cardinal Seán P. O'Malley, the Jubilee Pilgrimage and Mass for Catechists and Catholic School Teachers was held as a way to allow teachers of faith to connect, as well as to thank them for their work in education.

In his homily, Cardinal O'Malley noted the important role teachers and catechists play in communicating to new generations the "rich social doctrine of the Catholic Church."

"Extreme individualism and materialism of our culture tries to reduce religion to some inner feeling, a little poetry, a little ritual, but that's a parody of what the Catholic faith is about. We are preparing new generations for a way of life, a life of discipleship," he said.

"We must instill a sense of vocation in all the members of our Church... All of us have a special calling in life, and at the same time as members of Christ's Church, we all share in a common mission that we need to do together -- to transform society by the ideals in the Gospel," the cardinal continued.

He said the work of teaching the faith can be challenging at times, yet noted that youth are drawn to the Gospel.

"I see that our young people are searching for meaning, for a purposeful life, and this is precisely what the Gospel offers you," he said.

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