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St. Paul School in Wellesley to close

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WELLESLEY -- St. Paul School in Wellesley announced last week that due to low enrollment the school will not open in September.

"Over the past several years, St. Paul School has faced a steady decline in enrollment. An attempt to secure solid commitments from parents for the upcoming school year was not sufficient" the school said in a statement on their website.

The statement also apologized and expressed appreciation for those who tried to keep the school open.

"We are sorry to share such difficult news, and appreciate the efforts of all who did their best to keep the school open. We offer our heartfelt gratitude to our St. Paul School families, and to our dedicated teachers, aids and administrative staff, for your commitment to Catholic education. We will do everything we can to support everyone involved in hopes of easing the transition forward," it said.

A statement from the Archdiocese of Boston, spokesperson Terrence Donilon gave further details.

"Unfortunately with only 32 students enrolled for the Fall semester, St. Paul's School will need to close. Parents and staff have been informed. This has been a painful and difficult decision," he said.

He addressed arrangements for current students and staff members at St. Paul School.

"St. Paul's students will be welcome at St. John's and other Catholics school that have available space. Our Catholic Schools Office will work with the 15 staff members impacted in reviewing other possible positions in our Catholic schools," Donilon said.

"Understanding that this will impact our students, families and staff, we will work to minimize any disruption by providing for as seamless a transition as possible for all impacted. Closing a school is never easy. But in light of the very low enrollment and the inability to make the school viable we have been left with no other decision," he said.

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