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Lynn Catholic schools receive $1 million gift

Mike Reardon of the Catholic Schools Foundation and William and Jane Mosakowski present Catholic Schools Partnership Scholarship students from St. Mary's, Sacred Heart and St. Pius V Schools in Lynn. Courtesy photo

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LYNN -- Students at Lynn's three Catholic schools will benefit from a $1 million gift announced May 6 at Lynn City Hall Memorial Auditorium. The gift will allow for increased scholarships and tuition assistance, and the schools will have additional resources for academic instruction, enrollment strategies and professional development.

The funding for the new Lynn Catholic Schools partnership came from a $500,000 gift from William and Jane Mosakowski of Swampscott, and a $500,000 donation from the Catholic Schools Foundation.

One student each from St. Mary's, Sacred Heart and St. Pius received a 4-year, $6,000 Lynn Catholic Schools Partnership Scholarship at the kickoff event, attended by more than 1,400 students, teachers and administrators from the three schools, as well as representatives of the Catholic Schools Foundation and Archdiocese of Boston.

"This is an incredibly exciting and meaningful development for Catholic education in Lynn and the region," said St. Mary's Headmistress Grace Cotter Regan, who will serve as facilitator of the partnership. "Our goal is to be recognized as the model for partnership in Catholic education. We are most grateful for this opportunity."

The Mosakowskis and the Catholic Schools Foundation have made a 5-year commitment to provide funding to Lynn Catholic Schools. Half of the money will be earmarked for scholarships and tuition assistance, while the other half will be utilized for programming, enrollment, professional development and marketing, including branding, web presence and outreach.

"The extremely generous gift of Bill and Jane Mosakowski and the matching funds from the Catholic Schools Foundation provide a great opportunity for us to highlight the excellent academic and formative opportunities that are available at St. Pius, Sacred Heart and St. Mary's," said St. Mary's Principal Mark DiFabio.

This gift marks the latest in a series of significant donations the Mosakowskis have made in support of Catholic education at St. Mary's and other schools. They previously pledged more than $1 million in scholarships for Sacred Heart, St. Pius and other Catholic school students and minority students entering St. Mary's High School.

"The three Catholic schools in Lynn have provided remarkable, life-changing educational outcomes for generations of students from all economic, ethnic and religious backgrounds," said Bill Mosakowski, a member of the St. Mary's board of trustees. "Investing in these schools represents our commitment to support those who will next seek these same opportunities. The Catholic Schools Foundation and our family foundation are confident these schools will long provide a strong foundation for future students to build successful and meaningful lives."

"We see this as an opportunity to invest in the students and families of Lynn by working with these three great schools in a collaborative manner," said Michael Reardon, executive director of the Catholic Schools Foundation. "Each school brings incredible knowledge and experiences that, when shared, will create a model for Catholic education built upon high-quality academics and tremendous outcomes that can and will transform the lives of students and families."

Though neither Bill nor Jane Mosakowski nor their two children went to St. Mary's, the family has been affiliated with St. Mary's parish since moving to Lynn in 1982. They have lived in Swampscott for 23 years.

"Our heartfelt thanks to Mr. and Mrs. Mosakowski and the Catholic Schools Foundation. Their generosity and commitment to Catholic education throughout greater Lynn is truly a blessing to our families and our community," said Sacred Heart School Principal Joanne Egan.

"Catholic schools in Lynn always aim to make a significant difference in the greater Lynn community. All of us are so grateful for the generosity of Mr. and Mrs. Mosakowski, the Catholic Schools Foundation, and all who support and appreciate all of the new initiatives that will come from this partnership," said Paul Maestranzi, principal of St. Pius V School.

"On behalf of Cardinal O'Malley and the staff of the Catholic Schools office, I am deeply grateful to Mr. and Mrs. Mosakowski for their generosity of spirit and resources on behalf of Catholic-school education in Lynn," said Mary Moran, temporary administrator for Catholic Schools in the Archdiocese of Boston.

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