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Religious Women Jubilarians 2013

75 Year Jubilarian Sisters with Bishop John A. Dooher. Pilot photo/Gregory L. Tracy

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80 years

Sister Marie Helen Farren SND

75 years

Sister Ann Phillippi CDP

Sister Helen Fenton CSJ

Sister Rosenda Gill CSJ

Sister Ricci Lloyd CSJ

Sister Ann Marie Masone CSJ

Sister Doroma O'Connor CSJ

Sister Mary Lucille O'Connor MFIC

Sister Claire Ducharme PM

Sister Edward Mary Milson PM

Sister Florence Lebreux RJM

Sister Emily Donovan SC

Sister Margaret Gannon SND

Sister Elizabeth O'Connor SND

Sister Catherine Owens SND

Sister Loretta Sexton SND

Sister Eliene Bastarache SSA

Sister Dorothy Belanger SSA

Sister Elise Rivest SSA

70 years

Sister Rachel Dumont LSP

Sister Mary Paul Mealey OSC

Sister Jeanne d'Arc Laurent PM

Sister Veronique Metivier PM

Sister Marie-Camille Richard PM

Sister Helen Lussier RGS

Sister Anne Casey SC

Sister Catherine Hanlon SC

Sister Timothy Marie Hogan SC

Sister Agnes Virginia Manning SC

Sister Ruth McDonald SC

Sister Margaret Loftus SND

Sister Catherine Panetta SND

Sister Margaret Cantwell SSA

Sister Gabrielle Maria Petitpas SUSC

65 years

Sister Florita Rodman CDP

Sister Marie Madigan MHSH

Sister Josepha Buckley OP

Sister Elizabeth Miles OP

Sister Nesta Beaudoin OSU

Sister Irene Joyal PM

Sister Mary Kenny RJM

Sister Beatrice Monette SASV

Sister Alice Kenneally SC

Sister Mary Theresa Regan SCNJ

Sister Marie Therese Ebacher SSCh.

Sister Irene Ledoux SSCh.

Sister Claire Bergeron SUSC

Sister Marilyn Gignac SUSC

60 years

Sister Stella Caramitros CSJ

Sister Elizabeth Cawley CSJ

Sister Patricia Corkery CSJ

Sister Francis Marilyn DeCoste CSJ

Sister Ann Donohoe CSJ

Sister Patricia Hogan CSJ

Sister Margaret Horan CSJ

Sister Jeanne Ibach CSJ

Sister Margaret Joyce CSJ

Sister Avis Joyce CSJ

Sister Marie Ancilla McCarthy CSJ

Sister Marion Montague CSJ

Sister Jean Mulloy CSJ

Sister Diane Neumyer CSJ

Sister Phyllis O'Callaghan CSJ

Sister Mari Ryan CSJ

Sister Margaret Catherine Sims CSJ

Sister Mary Timothy Coniglio FSP

Sister Vincente de St. Joseph O'Connor LSP

Sister Andre Ogden LSP

Sister Eileen Hurley MFIC

Sister Mary Seraphina McHugh MFIC

Sister Michael Brigid Driscoll OP

Sister Mary Helen Brodeur OSC

Sister Virginia Heron PM

Sister Lucienne Rondeau PM

Sister Victoria Andreoli RGS

Sister Ann Sebastian Roussel RGs

Sister Bernadette Berard RJM

Sister Carmel Ethier RJM

Sister Jacqueline Jacques RJM

Sister Maria J. Foley SC

Sister Catherine Angela Fortuna SC

Sister Eileen Galvin SC

Sister Blanche LaRose SC

Sister Marie d'Entremont SCO

Sister Dorothy Cooper SGM

Sister Jeannette Duhamel SGM

Sister Jeannette Bernier SMSM

Sister Mary Ida Snyder SMSM

Sister Mary Louise Blanchard SND

Sister Mary Clancy SND

Sister Anne Michael Hannigan SND

Sister Marie Pero SND

Sister Francis Timothy Quinn SND

Sister Teresa Costello SP

Sister Adrienne Belanger SSA

Sister Helen Chevrette SSA

Sister Cecile Berthiaume SSCh.

Sister Jeannette Desorcy SSCh.

Sister Louisa Perreault SSCh.

50 years

Sister Francesca O'Regan CDP

Sister Patricia Boyle CSJ

Sister Rose Canney CSJ

Sister Catherine Clifford CSJ

Sister Patricia Cushing CSJ

Sister Charlotte Gulino CSJ

Sister Mary Ellen O'Connell CSJ

Sister Ellen Powers CSJ

Sister Susan Reilly CSJ

Sister Kathleen Short CSJ

Sister Frances Wool CSJ

Sister Anne Schoettelkotte FMSA

Sister Gertrude Mary McLlmail LSP

Sister Katherine Donnelly MFIC

Sister Jo Ann Mullen MMM

Sister Nina Underwood MMM

Sister Bernadette Marie O'Sullivan O.Carm.

Sister Mary Buttimer OCD

Sister Colman O'Dell OCSO

Sister Susan Dubois PM

Sister Aline Geoffroy PM

Sister Jeanne Roberge PM

Sister Martha Brigham RCE

Sister Michelle Authier RJM

Sister Aice Cote RJM

Sister Justine Lyons RSCJ

Sister Christine Smith SBS

Sister Margaret Dolan SC

Sister Sally McLaughlin SC

Sister Prescille Malo SCO

Sister Patricia Ann Burke SMSM

Sister Jeanne Perrault SMSM

Sister Susan Scherkenback SMSM

Sister Mary Grace Sherly SMSM

Sister Janet Veno SMSM

Sister Patricia Butler SND

Sister Eileen Finnigan SND

Sister Loretta Fleming SND

Sister Ellen Keane SND

Sister Kathleen Leary SND

Sister Mary Reardon SND

Sister Paula Tinlin SND

Sister Vivian Lamontagne SSA

Sister Ruth Marie Haley SSND

25 years

Sister Veronica Shamshad FMM

Sister Karen Marie Anderson FSP

Sister Carmen Christi Pompei FSP

Sister Kateri Nealon LSP

Sister Bonitas Choi OCSO

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