Cuba Special Report: Boston pilgrims reflect

byDonis TracyPilot Correspondent

"I think Pope Benedict XVI brought enormous hope and encouragement to a population that desperately needs it."

-- Micho Spring, chairman of the board of Friends of Caritas Cubana

"I think the papal visit focuses the world's attention on Cuba, and the more the world looks on the conditions in Cuba, the more potential Cuba has for change."

-- John Hickey, board member of Friends of Caritas Cubana

"This was a remarkable trip. I think civil society is a fundamental foundation in order to facilitate any change that can be achieved. The Church is, through necessity, helping to rebuild society in Cuba. [Pope Benedict XVI's presence] will possible accelerate that change."

-- Tiziana Dearing, CEO of Boston Rising

"I loved Cuba. I loved it...I think change will come slowly, but every little bit helps to move things forward."

-- Anne Bersani, member of the Boston delegation to Cuba

"I found the people to be both exciting and warm."

-- Alyce Morrissey, member of the Boston delegation to Cuba

"I did not know the history of Cuba before coming, so for me I loved learning about the history of it, and learning about everything that is happening in Cuba right now, especially by speaking with the people we met."

-- Laura Mahoney, member of the Boston delegation to Cuba