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Kingston children participate in national rosary program

Children at St. Joseph Parish learn about the history and methods of praying the rosary through a variety of fun exercises in the program “Think Good Thoughts.” More than 1,000 youngsters have participated in the 12-session program at the parish. Courtesy photo/Holy Cross Family Ministries

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KINGSTON -- St. Joseph Parish is playing a prominent role in the worldwide resurgence of the rosary. More than 1,000 children in the parish’s religious education program are learning about this important form of prayer that dates back to the early days of Christendom.

The youngsters are participating in “Think Good Thoughts,” an interactive face-to-face program that examines the history and significance of the rosary. The 12-session program is part of the religious education activities conducted by Family Rosary, one of the missions of Holy Cross Family Ministries, which has its worldwide headquarters in North Easton.

“The rosary is not only a means of prayer, it is a wonderful teaching tool,” said Beth Mahoney, mission director of Family Rosary. “The mysteries bring to life Christ’s life. In this program, the children and teens are learning the history of the rosary, the mysteries, and how to pray the rosary. We often refer to the rosary as a catechism on a string,” she added.

“Think Good Thoughts” relates the history of the rosary back to the early Christians, and even the Old Testament, when the extended family came together to pray the Psalms. While most people could not read, they attempted to recall the 150 psalms from memory. They would collect 150 stones in a leather bag, then take out one stone at a time and try to remember as much of the psalm as they could. If they could not recall the words, they would simply rub the stone and think good thoughts.

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